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Beyond elections

Posted by on April 23, 2012

After having writing a flurry of blogs about my thoughts and expressions about the current Alberta election of 2012, I would like to invite the reader to consider and share with some of my key findings of my “blogging” ability prowess, or rather, over-rated finger-tapping of the keyboards.

For those in the dark, about this, I submit to you to visit this blog-article at that reveals how I voted, and the other pre-cursor topics related to this election.

Now that my left hand is sore with “un-ergonometric” force on a natural keyboard, I wonder how much I will actually type, and my Dragon naturally-speaking is uninstalled, and I’m listening to Neil Diamond sing during the credits of Jazz Singer.

So, after the celebration, party-hoop-la, and other distractions, where do we go from now?

I suppose most of us, will resume our lives without much thought about the political process, as the news coverage shifts to other natural and man-made disasters and calamities.

And it’s kind of sad that the millions of dollars spent for the elections is mostly wasted for the few that turn out, although there is a prediction for 96% turn-out, instead of the 40% from last election.

Will comfortable and well-fed Canadians really care about the direction of our governments?  Will we have something more to gripe and complain about?

I suppose that we are used to being entertained, if not disappointed by our traditions and expectations that exceed “normalacy” or whatever is logical or perceived as real.

And then, my world of words, is more about expression that accuracy, and if I don’t have a clue about what I am talking about, that I trust that you, my dear reader, will fill in the blanks.

So, beyond the elections, where will you be?  What will you be doing?  And why will you question what is normal, if at all?

How can we see beyond the propaganda, the persuasion, and the psychological voter-tactics of the present?

This seems to be the adventure for the curious and the courageous.


One Response to Beyond elections

  1. Dean Lybbert

    We just move on!!

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