Sep 012011

It’s interesting when the calendar of events seems to coincide and collide together to combine into one big ball of wax.  On the first day of school, that was the day that TV died,, and was the day of another visit to the chiropractor that prompted a Strategic Wellness article, I must admit that I am quite tired of change and long for the lazy summer days that didn’t quite get a proper blog made.

In fact, my categorization of my blogs for this week are probably skewed somewhat this week because of my tiredness, and the strict scope of purpose of each category is probably misplaced and ignored.  Fortunately, I was able to copy-and-paste them into more likely designations, although the purposes for the blog categories are probably stretched.

It is hoped, that you my dear reader, have your wits and intelligence about to read between the lines and fill in the missing gaps, regardless of any real artistic or lack of meaningful content.

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