May 162012

Creating a sense of urgency by actually subscribing or paying for a month’s worth of Citrix Online Meeting service, has almost backfired for me so far, in that my initiative or ability to use it, has been slowed down by the approach of Summer, the initial Linux project update, and the limited list of contacts who really don’t care or understand or want to understand how online meetings might benefit them.

With my recent decision to end my social media network accounts because of my impatience and preference to communicate directly, I am still left to wonder if perhaps using the Internet at all, is even a good idea, since it leaves a lot of loose ends of the lack of control in this regards.

Going back to my teacher at Sait, who said that “nobody controls the Internet”, seems to suggest that it is mostly beyond the control of any particular group of people or individuals, and that just because you post or send something to someone, doesn’t mean that they will reply when you want, how you want, or even why you want.

To me, it appears that everyone “does their thing” with the Internet, and that at it’s best, it might work some of the time for some of the people, and for those who appear to be making thousands and millions from subscribers and other programs, that there is such a disconnect or difference between those who are financially benefiting from the Internet, and from those who aren’t.

I think that many of the people who use the Internet are still persuaded to spend money or make money as one of the primary reasons.  After all, it’s takes resources of time, energy, and equipment to keep this things going.

And yet, there are more of us, who are still struggling, and wonder from program to program, site to site, company to company, looking for the “winning” ticket to transform our lives into the lifestyle of the rich and powerful.

It’s funny how I am fooled into thinking that it’s this easy, when in reality the Internet is very complicated, and full of discrepancies, differences, and disorder.

I was about to end this post with 2 paragraphs, and then feel that I need to build upon my direction of the love/hate relationship that I have with the Internet.  And because I can edit after publishing it, I will take liberty of doing this.

I suppose that when dealing with human nature despite the marketing claims of the newest trends in technology, fashion, or whatever, that we are still dealing with the same limitations as people were dealing with centuries ago.

Although I digress into philosophy and generalizations, I can say that the Internet has opened another way to communicate through its machinery and systems and connections, that did not exist before in quite the same way.

I mean, if you look at the telegraph, invented around 1844, with Samuel Morse inventing the Morse Code, that this was a revolution as well, to send messages through a wire long-distances that could be useful.

Then the telephone, with the ability to carry voice over wire, and now wireless through cell towers and the like.

What I’m getting at is the development and recognition of what preceded the Internet, and perhaps a perspective on this.

Going back to my original ending, I was about to mention my latest project of doing Online Meetings for education purposes.  This is another way that one can use the telephone and Internet.  And then I was going to end this article for sake of expediency.  And then I read the topic sentence and paragraph, and realize that the original ending was still good.  So much for second guessing my initial attempts!

So, time will tell, whether I can effectively use the last 1/2 month left of my Citrix subscription, and I’m thinking that I will use the telephone and invite people immediately to try out the Online Meetings instead of relying on e-mail invitations, which for the most part, are ignored much like junk mail and flyers are in regular mailboxes.

Information overload, and modernization challenges with human weaknesses — problems that don’t have simple solutions.  And then, I digress, and will get back to business with setting up meaningful conversations, regardless of what platform or method.



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  1. This is a vital and valid post, especially the part about “information overload.” Too much input and the human mind simply shuts down and wants no more.

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